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  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    Under Constructions! I’m still working on my Web Site. But most of it done, but I got a little work to do. I hope you like it so far.

  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    People often say where are my picture before Wicked Wisdom? Truthfully I did take any picture before than, I was about working for the artist any nothing else. But as I got older I thought pictures would be cool to have for my memories.

  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    I got good news from a friend thats got me feeling really great. Don’t want to tell you now but I got to do with music for my band. Thats all I will say about now. But its freaking awesome. I tell you later.

  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    My group LOTHARIO has it’s own web site that I have to put up. It will be coming very soon. Peace!

  • Angela Devette  says:

    Hey rio – looks good sweetie. The world is your oyster. Talk to you soon. – Angela

    • Rio Lawrence  says:

      Thank you Angela, Hope you are doing well. Still working on my web site but I think it’s coming alone.

  • Loretta Welch  says:

    Rio, Awesome site. I am so proud of you my brother.

  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    Life is becoming difficult. But I will come through it with the help of God and all my friends. YOU!

  • Ricardo Wilkins  says:

    Yeah ! this is nice , did you do it yourself

    • Rio Lawrence  says:

      Yeah I did it myself. Never did a web site before, but I think it’s coming alone great so for.

  • Mark Nonisa  says:

    Hey Rio! Website looks good!

  • Shonna Montoya  says:

    Great site!! Best of luck to you in all of your musical endeavors. Keep in touch!

  • James L Manning  says:

    Right On Rio! I like your tune Demo One!
    Keep Funk Alive!

  • Jesse Morgan  says:

    Aloha Rio; Keep jamming that bass bro!

  • Deidre  says:

    Congratulations Dear Rio … peace and blessings for all the good you do in the world of music! You’re the best!

  • Mia  says:

    Rio, I am so proud you. You’re truly an example to us all that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. On top of your talent, you are a giving, sensitive, and grounded. Enjoy this next life ride! Love you much, Mia

  • Lamia Nyx  says:

    Hey there Rio. I’m really looking forward to hearing your new music. Please keep us informed of any other projects you may be doing. Take care friend! Bless!

  • Trisha Meyer  says:

    Love u Rio!u

  • Kim  says:

    So proud of you! You are really strong, loving person. Can’t wait to hear you play again!

  • Grant W Nicholas  says:

    Hey Rio hope all is well you are truly one of best at what you do much continued success

  • Chaeya  says:

    Hey Rio, good luck with your new music project!

  • angie  says:

    Awesome site…great job Cuz!

  • Reesie Wilkins  says:

    Hey Rio, I can’t wait to hear the band and some exciting new music. I know it will be hot so I have all my friends ready to support you and all your new endeavors!

  • C.C Brown  says:

    Hey Rio! Nice site! Wishing you all the best! Great musician!!! You are AWESOME!!! LUV YOU! ;0)

  • Chris  says:

    Super talented artist Rio!! Can’t wait to hear the new music!! Keep rocking it!

  • Rio Lawrence  says:


  • Alexis Coleman  says:

    Much love to u! Can’t wait to rock out to the jams! Alexis

  • natalie  says:

    Excellent artist!!!

  • Crystal  says:

    Hi Rio hope everything is going well for you keep up the good work! Talk to you soon:)

  • Kim Lambright  says:

    Hope all is well!

  • Julie Delgado  says:

    I like it. I’m still working on mine too!

  • Kimmie  says:

    Website is looking excellent Rio! So excited for you, man! :)