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  • Brother of the Bottom  says:

    Rio will be performing two bass player BJ, and Kato McKay for Brothers of the Bottom! Look for that starting next year.

  • LOTHARIO  says:

    Rio has started his Metal/Rock band. LOTHARIO It will be hot. He’s getting song for his friend, like Peter Wicher for Soilworks, Jason “Evil J” McGuire from OTEP, and Marc Rizzo from SOULFLY, plus the other songs he is writing. But you gotta wait till next year. But look for a album and a tour.

  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    Under Constructions! I’m still working on my Web Site. But most of it done, but I got a little work to do. I hope you like it so far.

  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    People often say where are my picture before Wicked Wisdom? Truthfully I did take any picture before than, I was about working for the artist any nothing else. But as I got older I thought pictures would be cool to have for my memories.

  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    Some of you are asking why I am not playing with Wicked Wisdom, and I have to say Jada never called me. I don’t no why. But I do wish her the best of luck. Some things are worth more than money. I still consider her my friend, she’s done a lot for me in the past and I don’t think this is a reason to end a friendship. plus she is gonna need help, and it makes me work harder on my band LOTHARIO.

  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    I got good news from a friend thats got me feeling really great. Don’t want to tell you now but I got to do with music for my band. Thats all I will say about now. But its freaking awesome. I tell you later.

  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    My group LOTHARIO has it’s own web site that I have to put up. It will be coming very soon. Peace!

  • Angela Devette  says:

    Hey rio – looks good sweetie. The world is your oyster. Talk to you soon. – Angela

    • Rio Lawrence  says:

      Thank you Angela, Hope you are doing well. Still working on my web site but I think it’s coming alone.

  • Loretta Welch  says:

    Rio, Awesome site. I am so proud of you my brother.

  • Rio Lawrence  says:

    Life is becoming difficult. But I will come through it with the help of God and all my friends. YOU!

  • Ricardo Wilkins  says:

    Yeah ! this is nice , did you do it yourself

    • Rio Lawrence  says:

      Yeah I did it myself. Never did a web site before, but I think it’s coming alone great so for.

  • Mark Nonisa  says:

    Hey Rio! Website looks good!

  • Shonna Montoya  says:

    Great site!! Best of luck to you in all of your musical endeavors. Keep in touch!

  • James L Manning  says:

    Right On Rio! I like your tune Demo One!
    Keep Funk Alive!

  • Jesse Morgan  says:

    Aloha Rio; Keep jamming that bass bro!

  • Deidre  says:

    Congratulations Dear Rio … peace and blessings for all the good you do in the world of music! You’re the best!

  • Mia  says:

    Rio, I am so proud you. You’re truly an example to us all that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. On top of your talent, you are a giving, sensitive, and grounded. Enjoy this next life ride! Love you much, Mia

  • Lamia Nyx  says:

    Hey there Rio. I’m really looking forward to hearing your new music. Please keep us informed of any other projects you may be doing. Take care friend! Bless!

  • Trisha Meyer  says:

    Love u Rio!u

  • Kim  says:

    So proud of you! You are really strong, loving person. Can’t wait to hear you play again!

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